Senegal (english)

Senegal is a state in West Africa. In the north, where the country borders Mauritania, one finds the last foothills of the Sahara. In contrast to that you can find the beginning oft he tropical forest in the south , where the neighbors Guinea and Guinea-Bissau are located.

The cool Atlantic coast is located in the west and the hot Sahel region bordering Mali is located in the east. The southern parts of French-speaking Senegal, Casamance, are separated by the English-speaking Gambia, which reachs deep in the East of the country. The surface of the country is about 196,722 km².

The capital of the country is the metropolis of Dakar. Senegal has about 14.3 million inhabitants of whom nearly 60% are under 20 years of age. In Senegal, there is neither war nor hunger, but fleeing thousands from the country. Especially a lot of young men who come to Europe by ship across the Mediterranean. As it is the case in so many other countries, the great lack of work and perspectives are responsible for this.