Project (eng)

“Lost Dreams” is a film project of the federal network TANG in cooperation with the African Diaspora of Germany, the Federal Foreign Office, cooperation partners from Germany and 6 of the top 10 strongest African countries of origin. The main aim of this educational work is to prevent the loss and endangering of human life on the way to Europe. Other objectives are to clarify the dangers of the escape routes across the Mediterranean and to correct false information about Europe and Germany, which are spread by human smugglers and to attract customers.


The utopian image of a Germany in which “milk and honey flow” and the money is growing on trees is thus to be corrected. This film project consists of the film production of a short film series of 10 individual web episodes (3-5min) and a 45minute television film in 5 language versions (German, French, English, Somali and Hausa) which are based on real destinies. Mediterranean refugees from African countries of origin are being interviewed. African migrants are questioned and redistributed false rumors spread across Germany. Some African stars in Germany are sending a message to the African youth to warn them about the dangers of a Mediterranean crossover. Legal ways of entering Germany are shown.


The focus of this project is on Somalia, Nigeria, Mali, Niger, Cameroon, DRC. At least 15 million African viewers are reached with this project. “Lost Dreams” is a project of the Federal Network TANG in cooperation with the African Diaspora of Germany and the Foreign Office. Interviews with newly arrived refugees are being held in cooperation with cooperation partners in Italy and Spain (Sea Watch, “Jugend rettet”, “Deutsches Rotes Kreuz”) on the coast.