Burkina Faso (engl)

Burkina Faso, translated the country of sincere people is a landlocked country in West Africa, bordering Togo, the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Mali, Niger and Benin. Burkina Faso has a surface of 267,950 km², about 13,730,258 inhabitants and is extra poor due to it`s bad economic situation.

A particularly high proportion of the native population emigrates to the neighbouring Ivory Coast, as the living conditions are better there due to the more stable economic situation. Besides other African countries, Italy is a very popular target country. In recent years France and Germany have also become increasingly popular.

Reasons for emigration are the high unemployment rate and the resulting poverty, as well as the vegetation in the country. The drought makes a profitable agriculture almost impossible. These factors make young people leave Burkina Faso, hoping for a better future in another country with more perspectives. Even if they risk their lives on the way there.


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